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10:00am Start!

Meet Alayna Bretsik. Alayna is an amazing and precious 3 year old. Alayna is our 2020 Four Leaf Clover Run Adopted Fighter. Her story is heartbreaking but her fight is as inspiring as her smile infectious. We were introduced to Alayna through our charity partners, Project Ed Bear. Our little Alayna is from Warren but she currently resides at Akron Children’s Hospital on the oncology floor. Alayna was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 high risk cancer at age 2 on February 18, 2019.

Alayna battle in just this past year has been exhausting but she’s battled through as amazing little fighter. A 2 eventually 3 year old battling through 6 rounds of chemo and multiple surgeries along with multiple organs removed and 12 rounds of radiation and eventually a stem cell transplant. She did very well through so much of the early treatment but has been through the ringer since her transplant. She’s been inpatient for nearly 6 months due to complications. The very treatments that are supposed to be saving her life are causing setbacks and complications.

Alayna has two amazing parents in Lyndsay and Justin. If you look up the definition of Super Mom it says “see Lyndsay”. Lyndsay is basically inpatient also as she lives, literally, in Alayna’s room day in and day out. Needless to say, she can’t work. She’s only a caring, loving 24/7 mom to her precious Alayna. Only catch is they have another 1 year old at home. That’s were Justin saves the day. These two wonderful parents have their hands full. It’s our goal to help ease some of their stress and rally the Four Leaf Clover Run Family around them.

Alayna will receive one-third of the 2020 campaign proceeds including our signature event, the 5th Annual Four Leaf Clover Run this June 13th, the 3rd Annual Four Leaf Clover Golf Outing in September and all the other fundraisers throughout the year along with our other two charity partners, Project Ed Bear and the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation.

The mission of the Four Leaf Clover Run Foundation is to unite the Akron area and surrounding communities to step up and, together, make a difference for local cancer fighters through a magical day on the brick roads of Akron. To grow our ripples on a annual basis for our charity partners, two amazing groups doing unbelievable work right here in Northeast Ohio — Project Ed Bear and the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation. Together we are Difference Makers. To date we have raised just shy of 50,000.00 with a goal of 50,000.00 through our 2020 campaign. 

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