Sometimes a decision really moves you. This decision has certainly moved us in many ways. We’ve been approached a few times about this amazing young lady. Our 2021 Adopted Fighter is Molly Oldham. Meet Molly...

On August 15th, 2019, Molly Oldham was supposed to move to the University of North Carolina-Greensboro to join five other students in a highly selective musical theater program. Instead, tragically earlier that month, a tennis-ball sized tumor was found and she was diagnosed with Stage 3 anaplastic ependymoma, a rare brain cancer affecting 300 people a year nationwide. Molly underwent an 8-hour brain surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital, 33 rounds of proton radiation at University Hospitals in Cleveland and months of daily intense physical therapy. Through it all, the 2018 Revere High School graduate always kept a positive attitude. An hour after surgery, she woke up singing Ben Platt’s “Ease Your Mind” and has depended on music throughout her recovery.

When she was told that only 4 percent of all national government cancer funding goes towards pediatric cancer research, Molly decided to use her voice as a pediatric cancer advocate. Molly decided she would share her experiences and be as transparent and raw as she could. The entire family has shared the good, bad and ugly through their Instagram and Facebook pages and the #themightymolly Facebook page and Molly and her family have raised funds for local and national organizations throughout the recovery. Molly made her television debut in an episode of "Random Acts," where the show hosts surprised Molly by arranging for her to sing “For Good” from Wicked with Broadway star Shoshanna Bean. Molly's episode, "Wicked Surprise," can be seen at

In December, Molly also became a professional recording artist with her first single, "Mighty in Me," which can be heard on the radio and streaming music sites. She recorded the song through the program Cancer Can Rock! Molly co-wrote the song, wanting it to be an anthem for others going through something hard.

But January 2021, about 18 months since her first diagnosis, Molly relapsed and the cancer was back. She underwent successful surgery at Duke and when she woke up, and imagine it...this time she sang her “Mighty in Me” song.

The 19-year-old just completed intense radiation and will be undergoing chemo treatments while still taking college classes and continuing to fight the battle. Receiving the news that she’s been selected as our 2021 Adopted Fighter has been an uplift as she fights the tears each time she combs her hair and more clumps fall out.

Remember Molly Oldham’s name. You’ll fall in love with her infectious personality, like so many others, and someday when she’s on Broadway, you can say: “I know her!”


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