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Event SUMMARY Four Leaf Clover Run

  • The Four Leaf Clover Run is scheduled for Saturday, June 12th, 2021. It is a 4 mile run that winds throughout the neighborhoods adjacent to St. Vincent / St. Mary High School.

  • We anticipate between 250 and 500 people to participate in the 4 mile event. Our volunteer total will be 25 people.

  • The event will be managed by Run to You Racing, a professional event management company.

  • Proceeds from the event will go to assist a designated recipient who is battling cancer.

  • Should COVID-19 conditions worsen as we approach race weekend, we will shift to a Virtual event.


Registration Guidelines

  • Each runner will sign a waiver acknowledging the risk of COVID-19

  • Each runner will sign a guarantee that they will not show up to race if they have been exposed to COVID-19, exhibit any symptoms, or have a fever.

    • Participants will be allowed to defer their registration if they are sick on race day to encourage compliance.

    • Participants will have a virtual option with a longer completion window to allow participation in the event of last minute exposure or illness.

  • Each runner will sign an agreement to follow the social distancing requirements of the event, including:

    • Maintaining a distance of at least 6’ from other people not in the participant’s household.

    • Wearing a mask or other face covering at all times other than while actively participating in the event. This includes at the start line before stating, and immediately after completing the event.

    • Participants are encouraged to bring their own aid, including any needed food and a bottle for water. 

    • Follow the direction of all on-site signage, staff, and volunteers without question.

  • There will be no on-site registration for the race. All registration will be done online, including pre-registration and race day registration. 

    • Registration will remain open on race day as long as space allows, but registration must be completed from home, before arriving on-site.




Communication Guidelines

  • Pre-race emails will include all conditions agreed-upon in the waiver.

  • Pre-race emails will include all expected social distancing behavior.

  • Pre-race emails will include the types of signage and markers to follow while on-site

  • Pre-race briefing will be available and/or required for participants to review the race day process and requirements.

  • Participants will be required to listen to and comply with all on-site directions from any staff or volunteers. Anyone not complying will be required to leave the premises immediately. 

Packet Pickup Guidelines

Plan A:

Packet pickup at outdoor location over several days prior to the event, at an outdoor location. We are partnering with Second Sole in Akron to facilitate this activity.

  • Allow participants to indicate their preferred day and time window for packet pickup to ensure no crowding.

  • Staff/Volunteers will be spaced 6 feet apart from each other.

  • Signage or floor markings will indicate where participants should stand, six feet from staff/volunteers and each other

  • Hand sanitizer will be available before reaching the pickup station, and at the exit to the station, as well as for each volunteer/staff 

  • PPE (mask, shield and gloves) will be available to and required by all staff/volunteers

  • All participants must wear masks or other face coverings

  • Participant bibs will be dynamically assigned by the staff/volunteer to limit the need for lines and waiting.


Plan B:

Packets will be mailed to participants before race day.

  • This option requires closing registration well in advance of the event

  • This option requires a clear back-up plan for anyone who’s package does not arrive on-time (I.E., limited packet pickup on-site).




Start Line Guidelines

Plan A:

One start-time with social distancing grid. Flags, dots, or other markings will mark a start grid that keeps all participants 6 feet away from other runners

  • Each line will move up to the front as the runners ahead start

  • Masks/face coverings required until after crossing the start line and separating from other runners by at least 6 feet.

  • No spectators in the start area


Plan B:

Limited wave start with corrals.

  • With timing mats at the start:

    • 30 athletes will start every 1 minute.

    • Ample amount of space will be available for participants waiting for their start time and/or participants will be required to wait in their cars until their designated start time.

    • Corrals will be determined by the following method:

  • Participants will fill all corral spaces as they are available (available corral spaces marked with cones/flags/dots). When the corral is full, the group will start and then the next corral will begin to fill in.

  • To ensure separation of corrals, two volunteers will keep a rope in at the back of the first corral and will move forward as the first corral takes off to ensure each corral stays separate.

  • Masks/face coverings required until after crossing the start line and separating from other runners by at least 6 feet.

  • No spectators in the start area




Runner Support Guidelines

Porta-Potty Guidelines

  • 1 porta-potty per 120 runners will be on-site, spaced with 10 number of feet between them and no more than 4 porta-potties in a pod.

  • Ground will be marked outside each porta-potty with dots/flags/cones to keep line socially distanced.

  • Hand washing stations will be provided, with soap and signage reminding participants to use it.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each porta-potty as well as outside each porta-potty.

  • Volunteer/staff will be on-site at all times to monitor sanitation of each porta-potty and restock as needed. 


Water Station Guidelines


Plan A:

Reduced aid with limited touch points.

  • Water will be available in cups at aid stations, set far enough apart for each runner to grab their cup without touching another cup.

    • Volunteers/staff will prep each cup while wearing gloves and masks.

    • Volunteers/staff will move the filled cups to the table for pickup one at a time. 

    • Participants are encouraged to carry hydration packs or bottle and use their cups to refill their personal hydration to limit the number of aid stations they stop at.

    • Participants must throw their cups in the trash following use

  • Participants must move through the aid area promptly. If they cannot, participant must put on a mask/face covering.


Plan B

Hydration aid with no touch points. Water will be provided.

  • Aid stations will have self-serve, 8 ounce bottles for hydration.

    • Staff/volunteer will be on-site to monitor the station, replenish supplies on the tables, and keep the area clean and clear.

  • No food available at stations; participants will be reminded to bring their own.




Course Guidelines

  • The course is expected to be open from 10:00am to 11:15am to allow all runners to finish.

  • Participants must put on a mask/face covering if they can not stay distanced on course, unless doing so is unsafe.

  • Participants may not run 2 or 3 people across because it blocks others from passing safely.

  • Volunteers on-course will be limited to a lead bike, sweeper, and a single volunteer at key/easy to miss turns.

Finish Area Guidelines

At the Finish

  • The finish area will be separated from the start area to minimize crowding.

  • Participants are required to put on their mask/face covering immediately after crossing the finish line. Have additional masks available for any participants that dropped/lost their mask.

  • A marked finish chut of at least 50’ before setting up any aid stations or medal pickup to encourage movement away from the finish area.

  • Set up 6 stations for participants as they leave the finish area to pick up their finisher medal.

  • Food/hydration will be pre-packaged and setup by a volunteer/staff member with gloves for the participant to grab.

    • Each station will have hand sanitizer for the participant and volunteer/staff

    • Medals for pickup will be organized and set out for speedy handout, with ample spacing for pickup.

    • Signage on-site will remind participants to leave promptly, with volunteers/staff reiterating the message to anyone lingering.

  • No spectators are the finish area

    • Participants getting picked up should meet their supporters in the parking area rather than at the finish line.




Plan A:

Host a contactless awards ceremony

  • Pre-setup awards tables placed away from the presentation stage.

  • Overall awards handed out as the top runners cross the finish line.


Plan B:

Host awards virtually.

  • Encourage prompt departure of all participants

  • Use social media, zoom, or another technology to host an awards ceremony virtually

    • Mail awards / stop at Second Sole in Akron for pickup


Volunteer Management

  • Masks will be required of all volunteers and staff

  • Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available to all volunteers and staff at all times

  • All volunteers and staff will be required to attend a pre-race virtual training to review COVID-19 protocols and the measures implemented to keep participants safe.

  • All volunteers will be identified for potential contact tracing purposes.

  • NO unidentified volunteers will be permitted at the event.




The Operational Plan


Criteria for Participants, Spectators, and Volunteers to Attend the 2021 Event Includes the Following:


  • Free from symptoms that align with COVID-19

    • Fever or chills (100.4 or greater is considered a fever)

    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

    • Muscle or body aches

    • New loss of taste or smell

    • Sore throat

    • Congestion or runny nose

    • Nausea or vomiting

  • No known contact with individuals with positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

  • Completion of the 48 Hour Health Assessment / Waiver. We will utilize our online registration system to collect the assessment results.

  • It is suggested that those who are high risk or older adults not attend race related events.

  • Those who do attend are encouraged to follow the individual responsibilities below.

  • Anyone who becomes ill during the event should report to a medical volunteer. That individual may be sent for testing, if COVID-19 symptoms are present.


Individual Participant Responsibility

  • Keep your distance from other participants.

  • Follow the corral / start line instructions as communicated in our pre-race materials and race-site volunteers.

  • Utilize hand sanitizer stations regularly and before consuming any post-race foods. Stations will be available throughout the venue.

  • Wear a mask in all race areas, except while participating on the course. You will be asked to keep you mask on until 15 seconds before your start. We will ask you to place your mask back on your face after the finish. Masks will be provided if you lose yours.

  • Cover your cough and sneezes.

  • No spitting or snotting along the course route or when others are around.


Individual Spectator Responsibility

  • Keep your distance from others.

  • Utilize hand sanitizer stations regularly.

  • Wear a mask at all times.

  • No spectators in the Start / Finish Area.

  • Neighborhood Spectators should keep a 12 foot distance from the race course.

  • On-course spectators should follow our race weekend guidelines for Physical Distancing.


Individual Volunteer Responsibility

  • Complete the online Volunteer Health Waiver 48 hours before the event.

  • Keep your distance from others.

  • Utilize hand sanitizer stations regularly.

  • Wear your provided mask and gloves.


Event Responsibility

  • Clear and consistent communications with the race participants.

  • Enforce difficult decisions if needed to reduce the potential of COVID-19 spread.

  • Runner rosters to all Health Partners for contact tracing purposes.

  • Clear and consistent communications with the community as it relates to our race course.

  • Provide clear refund policy.

  • Provide Virtual Race options.

  • Provide masks / PPE to participants as needed before the event and after the finish line.

  • Eliminate as many person-to-person contact points as possible.




Operational Changes by Area


Expo / Packet Pick-Up

  • Elimination of an in-person Race Expo.

  • Outdoor packet pickup.

  • Small Tent on race morning for those who forgot their bibs.


Start Line

  • Wide Spacing for Corrals – Diagram pending.

  • No Spectators

  • Additional hand sanitizer units.

  • Face covers required in the start line corrals, removed after the start.


Gear Bag

  • No Gear Bag Service.

  • Participants are encouraged to wear “throw away” clothes to the start of the race.



  • Water Stations

    • Participants are encouraged to bring and carry their own hydration units.

    • Water stations will be self-serve. Small number of Volunteers at each station.

    • Water station locations may be modified or reduced.

    • Individually sealed products will be utilized.

  • Medical Stations

    • No onsite medical stations

    • 911 protocols for all volunteers


Finish Line

  • Eliminated food distribution.

  • Factory sealed food and beverages.

  • Modified finisher festival activities.

  • Additional hand sanitizer units

  • No participant loitering after the finish.



  • Limited awards ceremony OR

  • Awards will be mailed out post-race / available at Second Sole in Akron

  • Results will be immediately available online.




Resources used in developing these guidelines include:

  • Ohio Large Event Race Coalition

  • IRONMAN Group – Safe Return to Racing

  • RRCA (Road Runner Club of America) – Looking forward guidelines for races.

  • The Outbreak Prevention Taskforce – Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tool for endurance event organizers.

  • Running USA – Return to Race Recommendations for Race Directors.

  • USA Track & Field – COVID guidelines.

  • World Triathlon – COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for Race Organizers

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