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The 6th Annual Four Leaf Clover 4-Mile Run/Walk will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2022, at 10:00AM.  The run works to unite the Akron area community in the local fight against cancer.  Charity partners of the run include Project Ed Bear – a local volunteer organization that provides comforting needs to oncology patients at Akron Children’s Hospital, and the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation, which provides Akron area families and individuals with financial assistance for day-to-day needs.  Each year the Four Leaf Clover Foundation also picks a local fighter, who is either battling or recovering from cancer, to receive one-third of the funds raised from race participation.

For our 6th year, I felt it was time to make a grand ripple that would positively impact more people. In the past, we selected one Adopted Fighter to support. This year, we want to do something magical, and that is why we have selected STEWART’S CARING PLACE SUMMER CAMP as the 2022 Adopted Fighters! Together our supporters will be helping us raise money to fund the Camp for the 2022 Summer. This will impact over 70 families with children 4-12 years old who have been touched by cancer. For one week in each summer month (June, July, and August), Stewart’s Caring Place will welcome children ages 4-12 to Summer Camp! The half-day camps will provide children the opportunity to build connections with each other, participate in fun arts and crafts projects, enjoy a snack, and more!

Dr. Stewart Surloff, a podiatrist from Akron, was in the midst of raising his two young daughters, Shelby and Abbey, with his wife Mimi when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in February of 2001. While facing his struggle, he found “there is more to cancer than chemotherapy and surgery.” So, it was a dream of his to open a facility that offered non-medical support services to those affected by cancer in his community. Through an endowment left when he passed, Mimi Surloff led a group of dedicated community members to develop and open Stewart’s Caring Place Cancer Wellness Center in October of 2004. Today, Stewart’s Caring Place continues to carry on Dr. Surloff’s legacy by providing supportive services and programs in a relaxed and caring environment, all at no cost to individuals and families touched by cancer.

The Four Leaf Clover Run was started in 2016 by Ed Sutter, of Eddie’s Famous Cheesesteaks and Grille, as a way to honor and fight for his family members suffering from cancer at the time – Michelle and Mary Anne.  Michelle had recently lost her battle when the inaugural event was launched, and Mary Anne who was in the midst of another battle but has since passed. The four-mile run travels through the West Hill neighborhoods of Akron, including the historic Glendale Cemetery.  Participants can run or walk the length of the race, as well as enjoy the Alayna Bretsik Family Fun Run – where children and families are welcomed to join in the support.  After the run and walk are completed, there is a Finisher’s Festival – a large celebratory party at the race’s finish line that includes the award ceremony, sponsor tents, BBQ, a live concert featuring the Spazmatics, and many more family games and activities. Since its inception, the event has attracted 2,500 participants and raised $82,000. The goal is to surpass $100,000 with this year’s race.


The 6th Annual Four Leaf Clover Run/Walk and Family Fun Run will begin at St. Vincent Church. Runners will finish as they cross the Taylor Ceepo Memorial Finish Line on the 50-yard line of the John Cistone Field at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.  The race is still accepting new sponsors, and runners and walkers of all abilities are invited to join in the event.  For more information or to sign up to participate or sponsor, visit . 


Our 2020 adopted fighter was Alayna Bretsik. Alayna was an amazing and precious 3 year old who we lost in 2020. Her story is heartbreaking but her fight was as inspiring as her smile infectious. We were introduced to Alayna through our charity partners, Project Ed Bear. Alayna was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 high risk cancer at age 2 on February 18, 2019.

Alayna's family received one-third of the 2020 campaign proceeds from the 3rd Annual Four Leaf Clover Golf Outing in September and all the other fundraisers throughout the year along with our other two charity partners, Project Ed Bear and the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation.


the 2019 Four Leaf Clover Run campaign is Jackson Kunze. Jackson became a buddy of the Four Leaf Clover Run as soon as we were captivated with his story and infectious smile. He was the star of our Inaugural Four Leaf Clover Golf Outing last September. Jackson is an amazing fighter.

Jackson, a Cuyahoga Falls resident, had his first battle as a very young child and beat all the odds and cancer too. He had seemingly all the right things going for him the last couple years but his mom, Heather, was concerned recently about some pain he was having. They decided to check it out and have spent the last couple weeks in Columbus. Unfortunately, the cancer was back. After surgery to remove a mass, many tests and treatment, our little buddy still has quite the uphill battle and much more treatment in the coming months. It’s heartbreaking and our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to Jackson, Heather, his brother Logan and dad. We want to do everything we can to make a difference.

Jackson and Heather will receive one-third of the 2019 campaign proceeds including our signature event, the 4th Annual Four Leaf Clover Run this June 8th, the 2nd Annual Four Leaf Clover Golf Outing in September and all the other fundraisers throughout the year along with our other two charity partners, Project Ed Bear and the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation.

To kick this fantastic announcement off, though, we are going to pledge 100% of the FB donations we receive over the next week directly to Jackson and Heather. Just hit the link below and please find it in your heart to step up for this adorable 6 year old who’s been through so much. We love you Jackson and the Four Leaf Clover Run is going to battle for you!!


Hello to all our Four Leaf Clover Run Family. Tonight was very special. Tonight we adopted Justin Sears, an 18 year old senior from Stow High School as our special fighter for the 3rd Annual Four Leaf Clover Run Saturday, June 9th. Justin will receive one-third of the proceeds from this years event. We are so excited. Justin is a fighter who has an amazingly strong positive outlook through all the obstacles he’s faced in life. He’s a wrestler. He’s tough. He’s a natural to receive all the support we can give him.

Imagine your 18 years old and it’s December in your senior year in high school. The only thing on your mind should be girls, cars, wrestling and all that amazing life ahead. You wanna be a marine, study criminal justice and go head first into life. But wait....there’s another’ve got cancer. Justin, after many bouts with pneumonia and asthma, was finally diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, Carcinoid Syndrome. But Justin didn’t take this news sitting down. He’s a fighter.

He has major surgery facing him sometime in March. But that can wait because he has a wrestling season to finish. He got clearance to do so from his doctors. And he’s tearing it up on the mats. This is one amazing young man. To put it in Justin’s words, “I’ve kind of had a rough life, moved around to a lot of school districts while staying at Stow High, I’ve been poor and with everything I’ve been through this isn’t all that bad”. His resilience is off the charts. “When I’ve gone through the rough times before that was just the way things were. I had no luxury to complain. It made me who I am. This is just another setback that I’m sure I’ll get through. He’s completely inspirational.


You're 17 years old. You've just started your senior year at Tallmadge High School. You just got a new car. Your whole life is ahead of you. But wait.....guess what? You've got cancer. Meet Cameron Fortney. Cameron was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, a very rare form of cancer. The good news? It's treatable. He's got a good prognosis. The bad news? The bills are piling up. 5,000 for every treatment. He gets 5 treatments a week. Insurance only pays for so much. Deductibles are huge and they add up.

The Four Leaf Clover Run has adopted Cameron as their special fighter for our 2017 event. One third of all the proceeds will go towards Cameron's bills and needs. We want him to keep his car and be able to experience what a senior in high school should experience. Life! We challenge all of the Tallmadge and Akron communities to throw their support behind our efforts to help Cameron and his wonderful parents Shannon and Mike. No 17 year old deserves this devastating news three weeks into their senior year of high school. Start a fundraising page today. It's easy to do. Join us and run/walk our amazing race on the brickroads of Akron. Donate now. Be a part of the "must do" short distance race in Akron with the "best post race party". It's a celebration of helping others.

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